East River Esplanade’s First Public Art Installed

A new piece of public art is up in Harlem, which according to DNAInfo is the first to come to the upper East River Esplanade.

“East River Flows,” by Vicki DaSilva, is presented by the Friends of the East River Esplanade. Strung across a chainlink fence and catching some wind off the river, a banner displays a series of light paintings created by DaSilva on the Esplanade last year. The West Harlem Art Fund, which partnered with the Friends group for the project, has a video of the artist at work:

As quoted by DNAInfo, the Friends of the East River Esplanade believes “East River Flows” can revitalize a neglected portion of the island’s waterfront.

“We are using public art to bring attention to the deteriorating waterfront that has not been cared for,” said Jennifer Ratner of the Friends of the East River Esplanade. “It’s been very hard to bring attention to the fact that the waterfront in East Harlem should really get the same attention that waterfronts not just in Manhattan but all over the city are getting.”