Curbed's List Of Best New NYC Public Art

Curbed’s List Of Best New NYC Public Art

Curbed has put together a list of 22 new public art pieces for New Yorkers to explore this summer. Many are bright, massive works that those of us who are fighting for air in small offices and smaller apartments, cramped train cars and elbow-bumping restaurants might find inherently appealing. But the list also does justice to the diversity of public art in NYC, be it diversity of siting, genre or aesthetic. (No love for the Bronx or Staten Island, though, except for Walking New York, which spans the five boroughs).

Some of these I can vouch for – e.g. Agnes Denes’ Living Pyramid at Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, which I just biked past this morning and is starting to look fuzzy and weird – and many others I will be adding to my list for a busy summer.