Addendum to SI Public Art List

Addendum to SI Public Art List

Turns out not one but two Staten Island public art pieces got an extended stay from the NYC Department of Transportation this year.

As an addendum to yesterday’s list of public art on view in Staten Island, I’m adding Lisa Dahl‘s There Goes The Neighborhood, a banner mural at the Staten Island Ferry terminal commissioned by the DOT.

The piece went up in July 2013 and was originally scheduled to come down in May 2014. According to the artist, this piece “held up so well it’s still up.”

There Goes The Neighborhood was designed to enliven a nondescript 60-foot pedestrian walkway. From a May 2014 release:

By simplifying the recognizable form of a house, Dahl explores the traditional ideas we attach to home ownership as well as what these buildings evoke for us. To make this work unique to its location, she purposefully chose a predominance of orange to pay homage to the famous color of the ferry boats. Her technique of dripping paint to mask the façade of each house also referencing the common phrase of homes being “under water” as in the recent housing bust, as well as the damage wrought by natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

Staten Islanders: What other pieces of local public art should people know about this summer? Keep this list growing in the comments.