Friday Public Art News Roundup: Whimsical, Yet Thoughtful Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the Site Specific public art news roundup.

The week seemed to culminate early on Thursday with a sizeable Internet tornado, due to the Republican spelling bee and then Jon Stewart’s farewell. I was avoiding the whole thing with a couple of glasses of wine and a long list of public art links, curated for you below.

I’m still reeling from the news of a lawsuit filed by the Bay Area building industry against Oakland, CA over the city’s Percent For Art program. So I was happy for a change of pace with this headline: Oakland Awards Nearly $1 Million Through Public Arts Grant.

BAGEL ART. Hanna Liden’s “Everything,” on view until the fall. The Hudson River Park Trust deemed this installation “whimsical, yet thoughtful,” which is what I want written on my tombstone.

Public art programming will be an aspect of BAM’s growth, via the New York Times.

Studio 360 reports on a Brooklyn bodega’s street art protest to a rent hike and gentrification/hipsterfication in general.

A subdued obit from Crains on a Detroit public art advocate.

A piece of public art will be treated like a dog that bit the neighbor’s kid after a young boy got stuck in it.

NYC locals: A new public mural will be unveiled on Monday in Long Island City. The piece is designed by a local artist and comes through the NYC Department of Transportation’s creatively-named Art Program. Details on the unveiling here; a story I wrote about the incoming mural for my day gig here.