Friday Public Art News Roundup: Insta-art Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the Site Specific public art news roundup.

It’s been a week of auto-replies and voicemail messages. Most of NYC has apparently left the office and headed to a beach/golf course/dark, noiseless apartment crawlspace for a relaxing vacation. I spent the week trying in vain to interview many of these lucky summerers by day, and reading the latest in public art by night, curated for you below:

Public art was a good investment for Kansas City, Steve Paul writes in the Kansas City Star.

The Guardian waxes optimistic about the impact of billion-dollar developments.

A Louisiana city’s public murals are fading without the funding to protect them.

JR has a new pasting up in Tribeca.

Public art’s noxious, bizzaro cousin. Super old but an important read. I’ve been ranting about these evil fucking design techniques for years.

Public art, Instagram marketing, and a fun-sounding event I wasn’t invited to, from the New Yorker.