Everybody’s Headlines For The Rolling Redball

You saw the Redball get loose in Toledo. You saw the memes it inspired. You watched a seemingly paralyzed Ohioan slam their car door just as the giant artwork hurtled over their windshield. Maybe you said to yourself, surely Jackie will have something on this at Site Specific. Well excuse me, but I was sort of on vacation, I told you that last week!

In case none of that happened, let me bring you up to speed: a Toledo, Ohio installation from Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project, which places a large, bright red, inflatable ball in different cities across the globe, was knocked loose and rolled a short distance down the street. Minimal damage resulted and the artwork was quickly repaired, and a video of the accident shot through through the news media like a hot fart.

Here’s my favorite remix.

Headlines for this story varied wildly, from neutral to sensational with lots of anthropomorphizing thrown in. For some, the RedBall became a bright red American hero in the pursuit of personal freedom; for others, it was a monster on a path to destruction. Enjoy some of them below, offered without comment.

Giant Red Ball Rolls Down Toledo Streets, The Huffington Post
Giant red ball barrels through streets of Toledo, Ohio, The Guardian
Giant Red Ball Escapes Toledo Museum, WCHS
Former ArtPrize entry ‘Red Ball Project’ breaks free, torments Toledo, MLive
Footage of giant red ball on the loose in Toledo will make your day, Fox 13
Giant Red Ball Rolls Through Streets of Toledo, Your Imagination, Gawker
A 250-Pound Red Ball Got Loose And Wreaked Havoc In Ohio, BuzzFeed
Giant inflatable red ball terrorizes city of Toledo, The Daily Dot
Here’s A Giant Red Ball Terrorizing The Good People of Toledo, Uproxx