Friday Roundup: Make It A Double Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the Site Specific public art news roundup.

Last week I was so riled up I spit out a mini NYC news roundup before the regular roundup. This week, the summer has started to drag and the headlines have been numbing; I want to look ahead. Below, I’ve compiled a list of upcoming public art opportunities ahead of the usual links, for you to read, share, daydream about, or print out and wave in an emerging artist’s face. Enjoy this Double Roundup and always remember to tip your bartender.

Tampa International Airport has 12 opportunities for large art pieces, deadline Sept. 14

Philadelphia seeks a site specific installation for its repurposed Viaduct RailPark, deadline Sept. 23

Edmonton seeks aboriginal artists for a new park, deadline Sept. 28

Forecast Public Art will award an Emerging Artist Research & Development Grant, deadline Oct. 6

Pittsburgh seeks artists for its Market Square Public Art Program, deadline Oct. 13

Additional art opportunity plugs are welcome in the comments.
And now for the news roundup:

A “bizarre ongoing battle between two artists” in Toronto, via blogTO.

Alicja Kwade will install what looks like a fantastic piece in Central Park soon.

The artist Kim Polomka lets loose in the Colorado Springs Gazette on, in his view, the city’s unappreciated need for public art.

Folsom, Calif. is getting an $8 million “Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience”

Now here’s an idea I can get behind.