Friday Roundup: Not Banksy Edition

Happy Labor Day weekend, and welcome to another edition of the Site Specific public art news roundup.

Where were you when the gefilte fish email broke? I was sitting at my desk with a fan pointed directly at my face, looking for any excuse not to succumb to the brain melting heat, and Hillary saved me with this. I want to get this email stamped on 365 T-shirts and wear one every day. I want to print 100,000 copies of this email and wallpaper my apartment. This email is the most exciting thing that happened to me all week, which is saying something, since I also got to write an article that included the phrase “visual meat experience.”

And now to the roundup.

IndyStar asks: “Art? A billboard? Or something altogether different?”

Percent-for-art hasn’t worked in an Ontario city, The Record writes.

Uptown Messenger identifies the non-Banksy street artist who has been stenciling in New Orleans.

Installation begins on Nashville’s priciest piece of public art ever, via WSMV.

Meanwhile, Quebec is seeking artists for its own most expensive public art commission, Life In Quebec reports. Plus, a quick nod to the high stakes of public art for the locals who will live with it:

In the press conference this week, attended by the Minister of the Quebec City region Sam Hamad together with the mayor it was mentioned that the art piece should be representative of the region as well as having a national impact.

Whether the word “national” meant Canadian or Québécois was not specified.