Friday Roundup: Standby For Art Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the public art news roundup.

We’re shin-deep in October, which means I’m already stressed about America’s most stressful holiday, Halloween. Aside from the pressure to create a costume that is simultaneously smart, funny, relevant, and cute, AND can survive a three-train subway commute, you also spend the monthlong lead-up staving off the worst internet seasonal allergy: sexy fill-in-the-blank costume ads. Although this year, there isn’t really a reason for me to be stressed about the holiday itself, since I’ll be moving out of my apartment on Halloween weekend, much like when Liz Lemon scheduled a root canal for Valentine’s day.

Anyways. Now to the roundup.

Public art begets art in Nashville.

San Francisco police are looking for three sculptures that were stolen from a public art exhibition, SF Gate reports.

There were a lot of headlines about this installation at Buffalo Niagara International Airport comprised of thousands of donated shirts.

Madeline D’Angelo for HuffPost on public versus private collections, and how those categories aren’t always mutually exclusive.

A piece of “standby art” will sit at the European Central Bank until “a specific moment in the future when we—all of the employees of ECB—have definitely achieved all of our goals, when all the tasks on our agenda are entirely fulfilled, when we are all completely satisfied with what we have done, are doing and will do for the common benefit of The European Union.”

Featured Image: Balazs Koranyi for Reuters