Librarians And Readers Helped Pick New NOLA Percent-For-Art Mural

The MILAGROS collective has finished their new mural at the New Orleans Public Library’s main branch, adding some color and energy to a formerly unengaging surface.

The mural is a percent-for-art project, and MILAGROS was selected by a committee including not only Arts Council of New Orleans officials and local residents, but also members of the library community: staff and branch patrons.

Here’s how MILAGROS describes their work:

Site specificity is integral to the work. MILAGROS uses architecture as a counter-point; visually obliterating the seams of a space while simultaneously high-lighting its unique attributes. Elements of play and spontaneity culminate in surprise elation. Synchronicities and serendipity birth a new mysticism, based in the celebration of growth.

Check out their Instagram to decide whether they pulled it off.