Public Art Scavenger Hunt In Humans Of New York

Earlier this week, Humans Of New York posted a shot under Teresita Fernández’s “Fata Morgana,” the 500-foot mirrored installation at Madison Square Park.

That got me wondering what other pieces of public and street art have made cameos in HONY. In his quest to document New York person-by-person, photographer Brandon Stanton does an admirable job of reaching into all different spaces of the five boroughs; I was curious how his project lined up with artists’ attempts to engage with and respond to those same spaces.

And, obviously, I wanted an excuse to stare at some cool pictures for a while.

Using the hunt and peck method, I went back in the HONY archives about one year, largely because the library was closing and I had to stop.

Here are some posts at artworks that I recognized or could easily Google:

And here are a few more I couldn’t locate:

If you recognize something, comment something.