‘Super Sensory’ Artist Designs Prism Of Color For Manchester Street

A 20-foot prism of color will pop up tomorrow on a street in Manchester, England.

Called “Through No.3,” the piece was designed by Manchester artist Liz West, who describes herself in the Manchester Evening News as “a super sensory person.” The prism will add to a portfolio of multicolored works that engulf the viewer and emphasize an intensely sensorial experience.

“Colour is a part of our everyday lives. I want to make work that is about colour and nothing else – to allow people to bring their own experience and emotionally connect with that colour and the work,” West told the News. “To me, the world is an assault on my senses, and I’m making work about what it’s like to experience colour in its purest form.”

“Through No.3” will be installed tomorrow in Spinningfields, a commercial and residential section of Manchester that was developed by Allied London Properties, and will stand for six weeks. The piece was commissioned by Allied London with the Castlefield Gallery.

There’s only one rendering of “Through No.3” bouncing around the internet, which is what you see below.


Rendering of “Through No.3,” Liz West. source: spinningfieldsonline.com

More images of West’s portfolio are online here.