Friday Roundup: Back To The Drawing Board Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the public art news roundup.

Serial is back. Just as I’m staring down the barrel of a hundred deadlines and my to do list is longer than a Torah scroll. I’m really not in a place right now where I can spend an hour every week listening to the podcast, and then another hour ranting maniacally about unanswered questions and circumstantial evidence, but that’s what happened last season so I guess I should prepare myself.

As for the roundup:

The ACLU has sided with artist Vic De La Rosa after one of his gentrification-themed pieces was blocked by BART.

The Stranger looked at a new piece of public art from sketch to mural.

CityLab interviewed Anish Kapoor (the artist behind the Bean in Chicago). Apparently he got his hands on some Vantablack, the darkest material on earth, which absorbs 99.9 percent of all light, and has deemed it “truly wondrous.”

Meet Baby Guerilla, Kaff-eine, and other women of Australia’s street art scene.

The Portland Mercury got three artists and a curator to critique Portland’s public art collection. Vocabulary employed: flaccid, funky, naive, dog turd…

Featured Image: Ellen Forney’s Capitol Hill Light Rail Station Mural, from sketch to mural panel. Source: