See It: Adorable Kids Play In Sea-Themed Balloon Art

It’s Monday, have some adorable photos of kids playing in a colorful, inflatable public art installation in Taipei, Taiwan.

The artwork, called “Walking in the Balloons” (English translation), comes from the Taipei-based design firm City Yeast. Per their description on designboom, “the public art piece references clown fishes swimming among anemones, transferring this flow of motion into a city scene.”

The installation comprises 1,000 six-foot cylinder balloons. The balloons are equipped with motion-triggered, twinkling LEDs and some also have speakers playing “local sounds and stories,” according to City Yeast.

City Lab described the installation as a “public art piece for kids,” and based on the balloons’ size, their curved shape, and the fact that the piece is begging to be shamelessly frolicked in, it does look especially engaging for kids. However, City Lab‘s characterization reminded me of what the late great Maurice Sendak told the late great Colbert Report: “I write. And somebody says, ‘That’s for children.'”

Pictures of “Walking in the Balloons” below are courtesy of City Yeast’s project page. And here’s part two of that Sendak interview, go watch the whole thing if you know what’s good for you.