Public Art Fund Grows Again With New Associate Curator

The NYC-based Public Art Fund announced yesterday that it has brought on a new associate curator, continuing its expansion over the past several years in both size and funding.

Emma Enderby, formerly exhibitions curator at Serpentine Galleries, has been tapped for the role.

According to the Observer, the Public Art Fund has doubled its staff since Nicholas Baume took over as director in 2009, while its budget has grown 190 percent to $5.5 million.

From that report:

Mr. Baume joined the organization on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis. “In the aftermath we were looking at how the organization was going to thrive and contribute in a different environment,” he said.

The group set a series of “ambitious goals” such as adding staff, additional programming and building its board and budget. “With a methodical approach we’ve grown the organization past the level we though was ambitious and outlandish even then,” he explained.

With Enderby on board, former associate curator Andria Hickey has been promoted to curator.

The Public Art Fund has installed a number of high-profile pieces recently, including this work by Alicja Kwade that got the Site Specific Public Comment treatment in September.


“Against the Run,” Alicja Kwade