Friday Roundup: Nothing’s For Keeps Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the public art news roundup.

This week in New York Is Dead: Dr. Zizmor has closed shop.

After the Daily News published the scoop on Monday, New Yorkers have been mourning the retirement of Dr. Jonathan Zizmor, BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST 212-594-SKIN, famous for his ubiquitous, psychedelic subway ads.



You wouldn’t know it from the Photoshopping in the video above, but Dr. Zizmor is 70 years old. He has shut down his Manhattan office and “now spends his time studying the Talmud,” the News reports.

Throughout the week everyone from the local to international press hopped on the story, which led me to this enjoyable 2009 Gothamist interview with Dr. Zizmor and his wife, among many other procrastination reads.

Fortunately I still had time to catch up on the week in public art:

The International Center of Photography is partnering with JR on an outdoor, three-story recreation of a Robert Capa photo, to draw attention to ICP’s new museum.

A glimpse at a local public art commission’s first baby steps, via iBerkshires.

The “big white head” at Chicago’s Millennium Park will be dismantled by the end of the week.

Several big deal street artists including Seth Globepainter painted murals on La Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean.

18,000 digitized, high-res public domain items from the New York Public Library’s special collections are now available online.

A ride through Houston’s public art on public transit.

A new text-based artwork in Boston stretching the length of a football field will read: “Nothing’s for keeps. Except that we must keep going. You’ll spend your entire life searching, ok? We all want to belong. So let’s all get along. Make the most, and hope. May this never end.”

Featured Image: Rendering of “May This Never End,” Matthew Hoffman. Source: