Friday Roundup: Freezing My Pants Off Edition

Let’s just look at cost for a minute.

The money Flint saved by switching water sources in 2014 amounted to $1 million to $2 million per year, which was supposed to total $19 million over eight years. Alright, that’s not nothing, and Good has some thoughts on why the switch probably seemed appealing at the time. But Flint residents discovered it was a bad deal – and started communicating this discovery to their representatives – almost immediately. New water started coming through faucets in April 2014, and a quick Google search shows that complaints were “pouring in” by June. As we all now know, residents were dismissed and patronized and poisoned for almost two years. Ultimately, it’s going to cost $28 million in State funds to address, plus $80 million from D.C., and if all corrupted pipes need to be replaced, Flint is looking at a $1.5 billion with a b process. And then, obviously, there are the healthcare costs Flint residents will bear and the money they’ve already lost paying for contaminated water.

If you’re wondering about the background of Gov. Rick Snyder, the man who was in charge of Flint’s finances from 2011 to 2015, before he went into politics he was a business executive, venture capitalist, and accountant.

If you’ve been reading article after article with increasing horror and are looking for a way to react, here are some specific ways people in and outside of Flint can help.

As for our regularly scheduled programming, here’s what’s been happening over the past week in public art:

The Huffington Post wrote about New York transplants getting all the credit – and funding – for Detroit’s art scene and public art.

Check out these huge geometric drawings in snow and sand.

“The Snake is Out” is on view at the University of Houston.

A new initiative aims to create more public art to boost art appreciation among Singaporeans.

Minnesotans have been freezing pants in what I consider a participatory community guerrilla art installation. People outside Minnesota are delighted/bewildered/creeped out.

Featured Image via Twitter user @taniansuarez