Art Opportunity Alert: 11 Spots On Chicago Transit

The Chicago Transit Authority announced yesterday that it has $2.5 million to spend on public art in 11 locations.

Ten artworks will be installed along Chicago’s Blue, Brown, Green, and Pink rail lines, and one will be installed at a bus terminal, which is evidently a first for the CTA’s public art program. Local, national, and international artists are all invited to apply; prior public art experience is not required.

A CTA spokesperson said that the artist fees will vary according to location. Commission fees, which will include artist payment as well as administrative and material costs, will range from $100,000 to $250,000, depending on installation location.

The RFP is available online here; deadline is April 1.

However, there are more details to come regarding the selection process and installation locations. The spokesperson said that community meetings will be held “shortly” to answer both community and artist questions.

Interested parties can also send written questions – for some strange reason they specifically want them sent in a Word Document – to contract administrator Chris Lahciev at

Featured Image: “A Red Line and a Cloud,” Sabina Ott. Source: