Everybody’s Headlines For The Sculpture Vs Texters Situation

I was going to stick this story in the weekly public art news roundup tomorrow, but it has received such widespread attention at this point that it deserves its own roundup post.

Here’s what happened. On Feb. 16, artist Sophie Ryder posted on Facebook that one of her sculptures, “The Kiss,” had to be relocated from its spot at Salisbury Cathedral after people kept bumping into it because they were busy texting.


Obviously, this has the makings of a clickable story. It’s got people ~so absorbed~ by modern technology that they’re not even seeing the beautiful world around them, can you imagine? Kids these days. Then they get bonked on the head and you get to feel superior to them.

Anyway, this shit blew up. The headlines weren’t quite as expressive as those dedicated to the rolling redball last year, and very few roll off the tongue. Some placed blame on the texters, some on the sculpture.

Here is a selection, in ascending order of clunkiness:

Giant sculpture moved after giving texters a sore head, Salisbury Journal
Sculpture Moved To Avoid Collisions with People Texting, artnet
Sculpture moved after texters kept bumping into it, USA Today
This 20ft statue had to be moved because people walked into it while texting, Metro
Massive sculpture relocated because people busy texting kept walking into it, the Telegraph
20-Foot-Tall Sculpture Relocated After Texting Visitors Kept Walking Into It, Mental Floss
Salisbury Cathedral giant hands artwork ‘bumped into by texters’, BBC
Giant sculpture moved from walkway as mobile phones users keep bumping their heads, the Independent
Texting and hitting heads see Salisbury Cathedral giant sculpture ‘The Kiss’ get moved, Western Daily Press

Featured Image: “The Kiss,” Sophie Ryder. Photo: Ben Birchall. Source: The Telegraph