Living Sculpture Of Plants And Bees To Grow At Socrates Park

concave room for bees

Source: Socrates Sculpture Park

A report from my employer the Astoria Post on the new living, buzzing sculpture slated for Socrates Sculpture Park, a free outdoor art space on the Queens waterfront.

concave room for bees

“Concave Room for Bees” in progress. Source: Socrates Sculpture Park.

“Concave Room for Bees” is a piece by Meg Webster that will consist of flowers, herbs, and shrubs – and the bees they attract – stretching across a circle 70-feet in diameter. Visitors will be encouraged to walk into the work to experience “a multisensory mix of botanical aromas, insect hums, dewy air and vibrantly colored flora,” according to Socrates Sculpture Park.

Webster’s piece is the anchor of LANDMARK, a series running from May 8 to August 28 at Socrates Sculpture Park that addresses ecological structures, social structures, and the land itself.

Another cool (and bee-related) piece will be Jessica Segall‘s “Fugue in B♭,” a sound installation created from a salvaged piano harp-turned-beehive.


Drawing of “Fugue in B♭,” Jessica Segall. Source: Socrates Sculpture Park.

More on these pieces and the full LANDMARK lineup available on Socrates’ website here.