Friday Roundup: Removable Penis Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of the public art news roundup.

Last week, 2016 continued its soulless sweep through our pop culture icons. This week, 2016 started to redeem itself with “Lemonade,” which has been playing on loop in my apartment/office/head for the past several days. Almost enough to distract me from Tuesday. I’d like to imagine that someday I, too, could produce culture-shifting work after someone wrongs me, but I’ll probably just stick to venting to my dog and going to sleep early, which is my current routine.

Now to the roundup:

BuzzFeed News reports that Donald Trump won a major contract for a historic, publicly owned building in D.C., apparently based on false promises, including to work with the architect who has championed the building’s restoration. Now:

Trump is covering century-old marble floors with carpeting and concealing historic wood and marble walls with drapery. And he has asked to festoon the grand lobby with gold leaf.

Anish Kapoor declared that the plan to install a slide around his ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture was “foisted” on him by London Mayor Boris Johnson. “There’s a difference between a fairground ride and art.”

A new sculpture park will open in Montana on an 11,000-acre ranch, with the installations one to two miles away from one another.

After a student artist hung nooses on campus at Austin Peay State University, Sara Estes wrote in BURNAWAY about the importance of understanding symbols’ weight and context before using them, even with good intention. h/t Hyperallergic

How is this possible that in 2016, we have not yet internalized why symbols matter?

A $1.5 million grant from LAND Studio will bring three years of temporary public art to Cleveland, starting with a menagerie of colorful plastic animals opening just before the Republican National Convention, and I will let you come up with your own punchlines there.

A mural in Covington, Ky. “did what it was supposed to do” – spark development – “and is now coming down.”

A vision for “Desert X,” a free, site-specific contemporary art exhibition that will culminate during Coachella.

Maurice Sendak’s only known mural has a new home at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Love these murals painted on an Italian kindergarten by Okuda San Miguel.


Source: Colossal

A public statue of Heracles in Arcachon, France, has been harassed by vandals who keep stealing his penis. So officials decided to give him a removable prosthetic one that will only be affixed during ceremonies. In English: Hyperallergic.

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