Sculpture Selected By High School Students Slated For Queens Waterfront This Summer

My story in the LICPost on “Meridian,” a new temporary installation slated for the Long Island City, Queens waterfront that was selected by high school students.giphy

This sculpture has everything: a mist machine, color-changing LED lights, benches for visitors, an algorithm tracking the value of gold…

It’s presented by SculptureCenter, a LIC-based contemporary sculpture space, through their new Public Process program, which teaches high schoolers about public art. Artist Mika Tajima was one of three artists invited to pitch projects to the students for this commission during Public Process, and they selected her work “Meridian.”

I’ll let you click the story to find out how all the aforementioned elements of the sculpture come together. “Meridian” is tentatively slated to be on view from early June to September.

Featured Image: “Epimelesthai Sautou (Take Care), 2,” Mika Tajima. Source: