See It: Four Twisted Metal Sculptures Coming To Prospect Park

Four tall, twisted metal sculptures by artist Carole Eisner will be on view in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for one year.

The sculptures come by way of the NYC Parks Department’s Art in the Parks program, with collaboration from the Prospect Park Alliance and Susan Eley Fine Art gallery. They will be placed in “four key sites… chosen to maximize visitor access,” according to the Parks Department.

“Dancer,” the tallest sculpture at 17 feet, will face Grand Army Plaza.


“Dancer,” Carole Eisner. Courtesy of NYC Parks.

“Skipper” stands 13 feet and will greet park goers from Bartel-Pritchard Square.


“Skipper,” Carole Eisner. Courtesy of NYC Parks.

“Zerques” and “Valentine II” will sit in front of Litchfield Villa and at the Prospect Park lake, respectively.

From the Parks Department:

For more than 45 years Eisner has been welding massive abstract sculptures from scrap and recycled metal. The four works that will be on view in Prospect Park are from a series Eisner created in the past 10 years from I-beams, rolled and twisted to create lyrical, elegant forms.

In a statement released in February, Prospect Park Alliance president Sue Donoghue said, “the landscapes selected for this exhibition are ideally suited to the elegance and fluidity of Carole Eisner’s work, and we look forward to debuting them in the Park.”

Eisner’s sculptures will go on view May 15 and will stay up for one year.