Triple Art Opportunity Alert: Three Projects Open In Utah

Triple Art Opportunity Alert: Three Projects Open In Utah

The Utah Division of Arts & Museums’ Public Art Program has released calls for three new public art projects in the state, with budgets ranging from $81,000 to $309,000.

The projects all spring from Utah’s Percent for Art program and will be incorporated into three new facilities that are currently in the works.

One of the projects, budgeted at $81,000 including artist fees, will bring site-specific artwork to the Utah State University Center for Clinical Excellence building in Logan, Utah. The building includes a 6,000-square-foot “Healing Garden,” an open air courtyard at the heart of the building, which the selection committee has identified as a potential installation site, although they are open to others.

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I wrote briefly last week about government-run public art programs specifically selecting for anodyne themes and imagery; this RFP offers a beautiful example. According to the “Project Vision Statement,” the selected artwork will be “warm, inviting, and soothing,” “comfortable and supportive to visiting families,” and will create “a sense of joy and hope.”

The submission deadline for this project is July 8. Read the full RFP online here.

Artists with an interest in the sciences should look to the project at the University of Utah Crocker Science Center in Salt Lake City.

The restored and expanded Crocker Science Center, currently under construction, will include laboratories and classroom space in a variety of fields from genome science to quantitative biology to math, among others. The selection committee is looking for art that will support scientific curiosity and, more specifically, will “consider the following cross-disciplinary concepts:”

Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation
Scale, proportion, and quantity
Systems and system models
Energy and matter: Flows, cycles, and conservation
Structure and function
Stability and change

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This one is budgeted for $280,000 including artist fees and is due June 29. Read the full RFP online here.

Selection criteria for a third project at Salt Lake Community College’s Westpointe Campus are a little more traditional compared to the others’. The selection committee wants artwork at this new SLCC facility to contribute to “pride of place” for the school and local community. More from the RFP:

The site and facility is adjacent to a major commuter highway with architecture that proudly announces itself to the community and the students it serves. The Art Selection Committee has expressed an interest in both “place making” for the community and creating space / place that adds to the experience for the students.

Public art and design arts manager Jim Glenn said this project offers a particularly interesting opportunity because of its visibility for locals as well as visitors traveling by on a major commuter highway that neighbors the site.

“It has a lot of symbolic importance for Salt Lake Community College and could be an important work,” Glenn said.

Submissions for this RFP are due June 30; the budget is $309,000 including artist fees.

You don’t have to be a Utah resident to apply to any of these three RFPs but you do have to be a legal resident of the U.S. More information about Utah’s public art program and opportunities is available online here.