Friday Roundup: Good To Be Back Edition

Friday Roundup: Good To Be Back Edition

Happy Friday, and welcome back to the public art news roundup.

I picked a crazy month to take a hiatus. In the time it’s taken me to upgrade the site, the U.K. decided to leave the European Union, Pokemon Go took over the universe, and I don’t even know what to highlight from the Trump files. July was a scary, violent month as well, with a seemingly unbroken stream of police killings and terrorist attacks across the globe. It was disorienting not to be here, writing roundups to process it all. So I’m glad to be back now, but hoping August provides much less material.

There are likely more updates to come to the site, but my main goals were to get a nicer layout, more control over my website infrastructure, and most importantly, to eliminate those godawful ads that used to lurk at the bottom of all my posts.

As much as I’d like to do a megaroundup of all the public art news from the July hiatus, my website update hasn’t made me any less a slave to time and sleep deprivation. So below, you’ll find a regular-sized roundup from the past week in public art.

Fritz Koenig’s World Trade Center sculpture will return after having relocated to Battery Park following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Jersey City officials have censored an outdoor artwork – a giant Monopoly board – that the city’s own public arts program commissioned.

Charles McGee’s “United We Stand” was installed at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

Photo: Brandy Baker|The Detroit News

Photo: Brandy Baker|The Detroit News

The New York City Parks Department has released a digital map of its public art installations throughout the city.

A Massachusetts town is upset about a new piece of local public artwork, due largely to the presence of boobs.

The Truth Booth arrived at the DNC.

New Zealanders considered how to make an existing public art gallery more accessible.

ArtNet went behind Tippet Rise.

ArtNet also spoke with the artist behind the wall around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

trump hollywood walk of fame star

A new public park in New York City comes with a sculpture by artist Rachel Whiteread.

The Richmond Mural Project achieved its goal of creating 100 murals in five years.

Some officials in an Australian city have decided that a public art reserve containing a whole $239,309 (181,664 USD) needs to be “curbed.”

The Art Newspaper took a walking tour of Manhattan’s High Line with the curator and director of the park’s art program.

A mural calling for the end of Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws was removed in Dublin ostensibly because it breaches planning regulations.

A mysterious bronze dog is hiding in plain sight in Boston.

Featured Image Credit: Jim Sardonis. Source: WBGH.